Added Faucet as a new Earning Opportunity

October 26, 2022, by Admin

Hi Crypto World,

Thank you for joining CryptoAdViews. 

Today we added Faucet too, to make it easier for you to earn money. You can claim 3 to 5 Satoshi every 1 hour.

You can access faucet at

If you have a concern or facing any problem send us an email at: [email protected]


Official Launch of CryptoAdViews

September 14, 2022, by Admin

Hi Crypto World,

Welcome to CryptoAdViews we have started our new project.

CryptoAdViews is a platform where you can advertise and earn money by visiting advertisments.

Apart from that Cryptoadviews offer a Revenue share packs where users/investor can earn 1.2% daily return for upto 100 days.

Earn 50 Satoshi minimum and get your withdrawal instantly to Faucetpay or get payment directly to Bitcoin Wallet.

If you have a concern or problem [email protected]